Video categories

  • Activism

    Advocacy, campaigning, reform, rallies, watchdogs, whistle blowers, social movements
  • Animals

    Zoology, species
  • Archeology

    Past human life and culture, excavation, paleontology
  • Art

    Artworks, craftsmanship, imagination, beauty
  • Atheism

    Freethinking, skepticism, agnosticism, absence of belief in god(s) and the supernatural or paranormal
  • Biography

    Stories about known people
  • Biology

    Life, organisms, heredity, genetics
  • Chemistry

    Chemical bonds and compounds, atoms,
  • Compassion

    Voluntary work, empathy, caring, character building, non profits, community work
  • Computers

    Software, Internet, hackers, web
  • Crime

    Criminology, penology, gangs, offences
  • Culture

    Shared values, beliefs, thoughts, customs common between the members of a society
  • Drugs

    Medicine, doping, substance abuse, pharmacology
  • Economics

    Money, micro- and macroeconomics, markets, finance
  • Engineering

    Construction, innovation, machines, manufacturing processes
  • Environment

    Weather, climate, climate change
  • Food

    Nutrition, diet, agriculture, cuisine, tasting, hunting,
  • Geology

    Earth, materials, cartography
  • Health

    Functional and metabolic efficiency, diet, sleep, medicine, health care
  • History

    Past events, evolution
  • Inequality

    Economic or social inequality, poverty
  • Language

    Communication, vocabulary, speech
  • Lifestyle

    Interests, opinions, behaviors, attitudes of a specific individual or group
  • Mathematics

    Numbers, logicism, calculus, geometry
  • Media

    Journalism, news, TV, reporting, books, broadcasting, advertising, social media
  • Nature

    The physical world
  • People

    Individuals, personal stories
  • Philosophy

    Beliefs, convictions, ideology, ideas, thinking, theories, doctrine
  • Physics

    Matter, motion, particles,
  • Politics

    Decision making, government, public institutions, social power
  • Psychology

    Behavior, mind, cognition, perception, attention, emotion, intelligence, motivation
  • Religion

    Faith, theology, spiritualism, sects, cults
  • Science

    Research, knowledge, observation, empiricism
  • Sexuality

    Sex, love, feelings, eroticism, sensuality, romanticism, reproduction
  • Society

    Social injustice, societal issues, human rights, cultural infrastructure
  • Space

    Astronomy, cosmos, interstellar, celestial
  • Sports

    Physical activity, games, training
  • Technology

    Techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services
  • War

    Military, combat, armed conflict, trade wars, cold wars
  • World

    International affairs, globalisation, cross border issues