About GoodDocus

GoodDocus is a website that aims to distill and present the best factual online videos. In one place, free of course.

Why we made this site

We are documentary addicts and we were not satisfied with the other documantary sites so we made GoodDocus. We also believe that knowledge makes the world a better place. By providing a site for quality documentaries we hope to contribute to increased learning, reflection, empathy, understanding and all that stuff.

Free and open

Videos are added by our users. The video files are hosted by YouTube, Vimeo and other video providers. We do not own or have any rights to the videos. View the videos as much as you like, share them with whoever you like. If you like this website we appreciate if you mention or share a link to our website.

Use of this site is totally free but in order to cover our expenses we show some ads. We do apologise if the ads are annoying.

The site was officially launched Nov. 2017.