No state in the world recognizes this country. Its passport and currency are not valid anywhere. For Pridnestrovie, better known as Transnistria, it is the all day life since 23 years. Own parliament, military, money and an anthem created a new identity. Placed right in between Ukraine and Moldova, Transnistria is a frequent guest of regional current affairs. However the media titles are not very welcoming: „black hole“, „a-want-to-be-state“, „the last Soviet Republic“, etc. Monuments dedicated to Lenin and communist symbols still make the headlines, but what is hidden behind the visible facade? How do Transnistrians live and what are their worries? „A Day in Transnistria“ lifts the veil for the lives of ordinary citizens of an unrecognized republic. Their hopes, fears and daily routine are shown in this debut piece, produced by Alisa Bauchina, Simon Erhardt and Martin Franke.

A Day In Transnistria


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