Title: Creative Crossroads A Film By: Tristan Wheelock, Win Graham and Sichendra Bista Produced By: Barefoot Workshops, Inc Instructor: Chandler Griffin Co-Instructors: Julia Kumari Drapkin, Damien Blaylock, Teddy Symes and Sara Newens Sponsors by: Canon, Sennheiser, Bogen Imaging, Lowel, Litepanels, G-Technology & The Mississippi Film Commission Created: February 2009, Clarksdale, MS ------------------------------------------------ Creativity and inspiration are at the core of artistic talent. Creative Crossroads explores the roots of these traits through the eyes of a canoe builder, an 85-year-old portrait artist and a legally blind musician and finds out that they have more in common than one might think.

Creative Crossroads

Art People

10 minutes.

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