When a man in Miami chewed off a homeless man’s face earlier this year, bath salts were blamed, and the previously little-known drug hit the headlines around the world. While it may sound innocuous, 'bath salts' is the name given to a mixture of synthetic chemicals, which are difficult to detect in drug tests and until recently could be sold legally in shops across the United States. But the catalogue of violent behaviour and mental instability among people addicted to them is growing. Nick Lazaredes meets families whose lives have been torn apart… some describe the change in behaviour and personality of their loved ones as like losing them completely. And it’s a challenge too for the police… as one chemical composition is identified and outlawed, another emerges, and law enforcers are finding it difficult to keep up. Filmmaker, Nick Lazaredes travels across the US to investigate America's latest drugs craze - one that could spell the

Drug Crazed

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