Earth on Fire is a one hour, Australian special that focuses on mega fires and fires in general as they relate to our forests and ecosystem. This documentary reminds us that our idea of the natural and perfect state of things isn't always based on a reality that ever existed outside of our own modern world, and it does this by examining the rather current epidemic of mega fires throughout the globe. It doesn't come as a surprise to many that fires can and do ruin topsoil in vast amounts of forest areas, changing the rate of growth when it comes to vegetation in those areas. One such area that has been changed through time by fire's affects are the forests in New Mexico, which one of the documentary's two narrators visits to speak about the history of fires in the area with local ecologists and fire fighters. What were the forests like in the time of the native Pueblos, and how were they affected by the fires we see as a sort of ultimate environmental hazard?

Earth On Fire

National Geographic

Geology Nature Environment

59 minutes.

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