This documentary is a spellbinding journey through the ages, beginning with the origins of the animal some 60 million years ago. Superb writing and stunning photography ignite this history lesson: "Spark of ancient myth, pride of king and conqueror; history was forged to the beat of its hooves...." At the documentary's center is a modern horse race in Mongolia, where horses are so revered that the national drink is fermented mare's milk. The narrative touches on an exclusive riding school in Spain, the fluctuating state of wild horses in the U.S., and the breaking of a wild horse in northern California. The epilogue is the story of Carousel, an aging horse that helped its handicapped rider win a blue ribbon in the 1996 Paralympics. Just 60 years before the first moon landing, the world was driven by horsepower. This video could make you believe it still is.

Horses || Full Documentary with subtitles


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