An intimate look at the weird and wonderful subculture of doll collecting – featuring a young mother who spends more money than the family earns to feed her habit; a Barbie-loving man who never left home; an animator who transforms dolls for an epic robot-porn film; and a married man who believes love dolls give him the best of both sex and art. Living Dolls is a surprising, humorous and engaging documentary that opens the door to a fascinating array of collectors and their collections. It taps into why these colourful characters’ lives are ultimately shaped by their obsession. Some are loveable, others you may love to hate… Debbie - married with two young children, believes her Ellowyne fashion dolls mirror her moods: ‘Most of the Ellowynes, if you look they aren’t really smiling… maybe I like that so much because… deep down that’s how I feel.’ Mike - playful but cloistered, always dreamed of Barbie but personally liked Ken: ‘I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs. We need

Living Dolls (Doll Collecting Documentary) - Real Stories

52 minutes.

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