Richard Gaikowski (born March 14 1936 - 2004) a newspaper journalist and filmaker, also became a name linked to the Zodiac case in respect to several key points, having been brought to the attention of Zodiac investigators by an informant, who to protect his identity went by the codename 'Goldcatcher' and worked with Gaikowski at a Bay Area newspaper, making about 10 hours of secret recordings of his former work colleague in the 1980's, after he became convinced he was the Zodiac killer,when Gaikowski allegedly seemed to know too much about the killings. He was involved in the running of the non conformist Good Times newspaper at the same time as the infamous Bay Area murders, which had an operations area close to where Paul Stine lived, with Gaikowski also supposedly attending Paul Stine's funeral. He also abbreviated his surname to Gaik and Gike, providing a source of the four letters found in the cipher sent to the San Francisco Examiner on July 31st 1969, albeit w

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