It’s the world’s worst spree killing. Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind examines the terrible events of that day. In 90 minutes of madness, 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 young people. The film pieces together Breivik’s day of terror hour by hour, from the time of the bomb he set off in Oslo, to the cold blooded shooting of defenceless youngsters on the remote island beauty spot of Utøya. Who is this man, and what made him act? This film examines the criminal mind and motives of one of the world’s worst killers, offering psychological analysis, as the day of the massacre unfolds. We examine his motives, analyse his likely psychological journey through the planning stages and over the course of the day itself and ask what drove him to plan and carry out this massacre. Was he a terrorist as he claimed, a madman, or was he indeed both? The film will have first-hand accounts from eyewitnesses and survivors who have

Norway Massacre: The Killer’s Mind

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