Circle the globe on an underwater voyage powered by earth's great ocean currents, the incredible superhighways of marine life. You'll plunge into an alien world where millions of sea creatures, from tiny seahorses to enormous sharks, spend their entire lives adrift, circling the planet on currents that can carry them 100 miles a day. Some of the animals are familiar, like the fragile, just-hatched loggerhead turtle you'll follow as she swims for her life to avoid the deadly dolphin fish. Others are almost too strange to believe, like the Portuguese Man-o-War. This strange creature raises its own sail to catch the wind "trawls" for fish with its venomous 50 foot-long tentacles. You'll drive into the eerie darkness at 3,000 feet in a high-tech sub as scientists study the strange, glow-in-the-dark phenomenon called bioluminescence. Animals like the sea cucumber somehow turn on their own lights-sometimes brightly enough to illuminate the inside of the sub-in what is thought to be a form o

Ocean Drifters || Full Documentary with subtitles

54 minutes.

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