The Cross-Country Bicycle Ride that's collecting different environmental perspective along the Southern Tier of the United States finds itself leaving Tempe, AZ heading for New Mexico. First stop is at the San Carlos Apache tribe reservation, home of the 10th largest Indian reservation in the United States. There is something about a Native American perspective that will be crucial to a documentary series collecting environmental perspective. Meet the Tribal Chairman on the Apache Rez and hear what he thinks and where we are headed environmentally. After 1 month on the road the bike ride that left from Newport Beach arrives at the New Mexico State Border. Jeff and Mike meet up with an old friend for a day of riding. Luckily their friend Zain is a Doctor of Pain Management and he came prepared to heal the aching bodies that are pulling 75 pounds of weight on a trailer attached to a bicycle across the country.

PST 2-1

Environment Sports

26 minutes.

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