Episode 2-2 wraps up the straw bale segment and heads to Las Cruces NM to learn about building with another environmentally friendly material, Adobe. Just like a straw bale Adobe's homes are super insulators. Pat Taylor who restores historical Adobe buildings, teaches us some simple approaches to making adobe. Jeff and Mike cross the border into the massive state of Texas. The bike riders take a deep breath and take an in depth look at Air Quality. That should be easy to do in El Paso, TX because 2008 marked the first year that they hit the air quality goals set by the EPA. El Paso and it's border city Juarez have worked together to clean up the air quality. How did they do it? You'll meet Jesus Reynoso and Bob Currey to learn about Air Quality and Health, major contributors to bad air pollution, and what you can do to clean up the air that we are all helping to pollute.

PST 2-2


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