The Pawtucket Foundation's annual video. Narrator Vincent Ceglie Written by Richard Kazarian Richard Davis Heather Senecal Director Stu Giannini Producer Heather Senecal Research Susan Reed The Reference desk staff at Pawtucket Public Library Editors Andrew Louis Marnik Richard Davis The Pawtucket Foundation would like to thank the following people for their help with research and insight into the Depression Era and WPA period in Pawtucket as well as their vision throughout the creation of this film. The City of Pawtucket Elizabeth J Johnson Library and Pawtucket History Research Center The Pawtucket Public Library Staff and Director Susan Reed The Pawtucket Times Thurlow Small Architects Ms. Stephanie Fortunato Photographs from Matt Kierstead’s collection Historic postcards from Patricia Zacks Collection Mr. Earl Slade Mr. Steve Parent Ms. Jane Barlow Ms. Jean Babiec G Media & Associates IN MEMORIAM George Bonin, Sr. WPA Foreman

Reinventing Roosevelt


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