Pie Ranch is an educational farm whose mission it is to inspire and connect people to know the source of their food, and to work together to bring greater health to the food system from seed to table. Along with their youth education program (vimeo.com/24176600) and their apprenticing farmer program (vimeo.com/27347513) they are collaborating with regional stakeholders interested in food system change. Much of that work is focused on access to land for new farmers who are interested in serving the local community. pieranch.org/ For more on the San Mateo County Food System Alliance please visit: aginnovations.org/alliances/sanmateo/ For more on the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) please visit: openspacetrust.org/ Produced, directed, shot, edited, scored by: Andy Miller Robin Moore plusmproductions.com/ Watch the entire series at: Pie Ranch

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Food Environment

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