The heroine of the film is Dorota Jadczak. In the 1990s, Poland's three-time champion, finalist of the European Championships, the vice-champion of the World Masters, the team champion of the world in bodybuilding, later the coach of the Polish national team in this field. The film deals with ideals and stereotypes of femininity. Why did Dorothy decide to pursue a discipline generally considered male? Does bodybuilding mean abstinence from femininity? What is the strength for her and what is beauty? How much must be sacrificed to achieve excellence? Performed by: Olo Pawluczuk photos / photography: Maciej Kukulski montage / editing: Kuba Tomaszewicz sound / sound: Mikolaj Kaczmarczyk, Lukasz Ziólek, Tomasz Bargiel post-processing: Kamil Sajewicz

Siłaczka (The Strongwoman)


7 minutes.

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