The Balfour Declaration was penned 100 years ago, but its legacy still resonates in the Middle East today. How did a letter, only 67-words long, ignite 100 years of conflict? 100 years ago this week Arthur Balfour, the British foreign secretary, penned a letter that would change the face of the Middle East. The letter published on November 2nd 1917 led to the creation of the State of Israel and would spark almost a century of conflict. The American Colony Hotel has hosted guests in Jerusalem for over a century. This place has a unique perspective on the region's history because it's played a part in it. Presidents and peacemakers, spies and journalists, use this space, often in secret, to hatch plans and discuss the future. The hotel sits close to the former border separating East from West Jerusalem. Today, the whole city is under Israeli rule but Jews and Arabs are still divided.

The Balfour Declaration's impact, 100 years on | The Economist

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