In the age of the great sea-faring adventurers, one man stood above all the others as he fearlessly made his way around the world. Captain James Cook discovered Hawaii and New Caledonia and sailed to the Antarctic alone. He was driven by the search for knowledge, not the desire for conquest. But after meeting every challenge and earning international celebrity, he met his end in the most inglorious of ways. THE FATAL VOYAGE OF CAPTAIN COOK follows the career of the great explorer through his own journals and the accounts of those who sailed with him, as well as expert commentary from the world's leading historians. Trace the incredible discoveries of his first two voyages, then batten down the hatches for his third, final trip. As recounted in the journals of his crew including the soon-to-be infamous William Bligh, Cook seemed dulled by time and carelessness, and quick to anger.

The Fatal Voyage of Captain Cook


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