The film makers explore how, in their view, the US establishment promotes a culture of fear in order to secure increased military expenses, year after year. The film claims the US government and the military-industrial complex, together with the US media developed a powerful propaganda machinery (inspired in good part from Nazi propaganda) in order to scare and convince the public that US invasions like those in Dominican Republic (1965), Grenada (1983), US support for brutal mass-killings, terror campaigns like those in Guatemala (1954), Indonesia (1965), El Salvador (1979), US-designed assassination plots like those in Nicaragua (1981) and in huge parts of Latin America (Operation Condor) and support for overthrowing democratically elected governments like those in Brazil (1964) and Chile (1973) were needed in order to prevent the spread of communism, using mainly the domino theory.

The Power Principle 1 - Empire

Politics World

96 minutes.

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