"Sink the Bismarck" was the cry as British forces searched the Atlantic for the German navy's most powerful vessel. The pursuit ended on May 27, 1941, in a battle that plunged the Bismarck into waters nearly three miles deep, taking with it more than 2,000 lives. Almost half a century later, explorer and scientist Dr. Robert D. Ballard, who discovered the sunken S.S. Titanic, searched the Atlantic for the infamous Bismarck. On June 8, 1989, he located the sunken ship, 600 miles off the coast of France. National Geographic looks back at the first - and last - mission of the Bismarck and talks with survivors of the notorious World War II battle. Then, in its climactic chapter, SEARCH FOR THE BATTLESHIP BISMARCK reveals exclusive footage of this remarkable undersea exploration.

The Search for Battleship Bismarck

Archeology War History

52 minutes.

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