Documentary suggesting the possibility of another gunman involved in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Director: Gérard Alcan Writers: Gérard Alcan, Theodore Charach Stars: Fernando Faura, Thane Eugene Cesar and Theodore Charach This film ignited a worldwide controversy on 3 level, journalistic, legal and forensic. It continues today. The entire film, director's copy and out-takes are housed at the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study/Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Hollywood CA. The Ted Charach RFK documentary archive, the world's largest private collection on the Second Gun discovery, is located at the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Sciences at the University of New Haven, New Haven, CT Cast: Fernando Faura ... Witness Thane Eugene Cesar ... Second Gun Suspect Theodore Charach ... Host / Interviewer Godfrey Isaac ... RFK Probe Atty. Robert F. Kennedy ... Himself (archive footage) Herbert Leon MacDonnell ... Criminalist (Prof. Herbert

The Second Gun -- Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

99 minutes.

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