From the acclaimed producers of the definitive documentary on Josef Fritzl comes this brand new film investigating the chilling Soham murders and commemorating their tenth anniversary. On 4th August 2002, school caretaker Ian Huntley murdered 10-year-old friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in a quiet village in Cambridgeshire, UK. This was a crime of senseless savagery that shook the international community and brought irreversible fear to the hearts of parents worldwide. The Soham Murders: Ten Years On tells the true story of the devastating crime in gripping and unflinching detail, painting the picture of a highly manipulative sexual deviant who slipped under the police radar and gained employment at a school. Through a range of in-depth interviews, the documentary secures exclusive access to individuals who knew Huntley and his girlfriend – some of whom have never spoken before – as well as the key detective, pathologist, criminologist and prosecutor players in the police in

The Soham Murders (Crime Documentary) - Real Stories

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